Well, well, well

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Man. It’s been long. I have done everything but machinima all summer, and you know what I enjoyed it, ha.

Well, as for NOK, there has been so many issues with everything on the technology side and so its still on hold. I’m not usually one to leave things unfinished, but the episode is like 40 minutes long and my laptop broke, which means I got a new beast, which obviuosly good, but it also means I gotta copy everything over to it. This task is ok for sims, you just copy all the folders, but sony vegas is going to castrate me when I try to open the old project file. Thats right. Castration. Thats what I go though to provide entertainment for the 27 veiwers on youtube of my series.

Anyway, I am heading to college at freaking last, where I’ll be free to do whatever the hell I please, which means partying, drug addiction, sex and machinima (what a combo). Oh and the course that I applied for, obviously. I am also changing my name to ‘third elexiz studios’ because its really exotic, and any name with x and a z in it just deserves some sort of medal.

As NOK is still on hold, I am now doing little sims 3 flicks featuring nice music and stylistic visuals. I have just released one called ‘something’ to get me going. I am currently working on a jazz style flick about a guy out on the town (not in the gay way).

Here is ‘something’ on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtuIRQBUSp8

Here are some screens from the jazz flick:











Peace out, Trendy

Good news

•November 1, 2010 • 2 Comments

Well,  NOK fans *pretending that there are nok fans* I have some gooood news.

I having been filming and editing like nobody’s bussiness the last few days and have made some incredible progress. As this is the last installment of this crazy sims action adventure, I am going all out on EVERYTHING.

3d programs, AE, sony vegas, hell I might even put a free cookie in there, who knows. I seem to be on a roll with my editing etc, and my actors are better than ever, so get ready for an epic motion picture.

To top it all, I am changing my studio name to ThirdElexis Studios or somin like that. Just a change of scenery, and a new approach.

Here are some juicy screens.

You better be ready.

Woho, it’s been a while.

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Hello there! It has been a loooong time!! Haha, well, it’s just lots of things going on, trying to decide what to do with  my life etc. So, machinima hasn’ t really been on my agenda!

NOK is still in the works, just tryin to make the last episode as special as possible. I am looking to move to a new, more powerful laptop, next year, so I am trying to get filming and things done, then proceed with the editing when I get a new machine.




Windows 7!!

•July 21, 2010 • 1 Comment

I simply don’t believe it, back in early 2009, I bought my ACER laptop which came with Vista Home premium. It was great and pretty fast to start with, but after about 6 months it started to get choppy and slow down drastically, simple tasks were becoming nauseatingly slow. Like glacial slow. So I cleared loads of crap out of my hard drives and moved some stuff around blah blah and I noticed most of my speed came back. But then my games started to become painfully slow, most notably Crysis. I know this is a graphically challenging game, but when I first got the laptop, I managed to play through it pretty okay on medium settings. Then basic programs became slow again, youtube was choppy, Sony Vegas was dying, which was when  I became demotivated to carry on with NOK etc. Sims 2 took about 20 minutes to load up and my sims kept snapping all of the place.

Yesterday I saw Windows 7 Ultimate in PC world, coincidently while looking for a new laptop. I had heard good things about it and decided to pick it up, what the hell. I thought I’d give my laptop one last hope.

It just finished installing……..holy freaking cow face. This thing is fast. Like so freaking fast. I couldn’t beleive it, it was like my laptop had been unlocked, I didn’t even do a clean install, I just upgraded it, which supposedly carries Vista’s problems, not for me. There was not one driver issue or any of that usual crap you get with Microsoft, everything was simply just made easier and faster. Sims 2 loads up in around 6 minutes, all programs work perfectly, Vegas works so smoothly and even renders quicker, my sims don’t randomly snap all over the place, it’s bliss.

I recommend Windows 7 to anyone who’s having even very slight problems with Vista, even you may not think it is your operating system.

I can’t believe Vista was so bad. Epic Microsoft failure. Windows 7 is what Vista should of been. Shoulda, woulda, coulda Bill.


Another hack for you guys….

•July 15, 2010 • 3 Comments

I found this hack among the cobwebs while I was filming. It was a hack I made ages ago when I was going through my hack phase, it contains death poses, death in water poses (basically your sims will slowly bob up and down in a dead position, so it looks like they’re on water) more dead poses, a facial animation thing where if you set it, it will dilute any facial animation they do, or basically make it less exageratted.

You can use, edit it, have sex with it, i don’t mind.


In other news, I am in progress of making another little machinima using Artemis’ tune ‘Subterranean’

Some pics:

Butterflies and Hurricanes

•July 10, 2010 • 2 Comments
I missed doing music videos, I forgot how free you are to do what you want compared to dialouge. It was fun. For some reason it rendered slightly out of time, which is beyond annoying, but it’s only like a half a second out. It’s a mix of Sims 2 and stock footage from Pond5.com.
– TH –
DOWNLOAD – right click, save as

No One Knows Episode V: “The Meeting”

•June 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

After almost a year, here it is.

DOWNLOAD (hi-res, wmv) Right click, save as

Goto NO ONE KNOWS SITE for download links and more info, including production notes and other info. Enjoy!